A Few Social Media Campaigns That Made An Impact

Search ranking along with social media is able to push its message to the targeted audience. This integrated approach of combining Indianapolis SEO and social media is resulting in more conversions and hence, more of revenue. A few of these creative social media campaigns are listed here.

WWF came out with this campaign on Twitter in 2016. It had seventeen animals representing these endangered species. This way WWF launched a campaign for raising donations to protect these species. They came out with the idea of each retweet of any animal emoji leading to users donating 10 cents. Hence at the end of the month, each retweet of every animal emoji was tracked. Now users were given this summary of their activity and their total donation equivalent. There were 36000 retweets. It led to WWF getting 200,000 new followers along with 59,000 donations within the first two months of this campaign. This campaign worked as WWF was able to involve the user effectively tapped into this craze of emojis. It was fun and not forced, and celebrities got involved too.

Ex Machina was launched on Tinder and Instagram in 2015. There was a fake profile created on Tinder for SXSW 2015. It had pictures of Alicia Vikander, who plays the Ava character in the movie. This deceptive stunt attracted people to get into a conversation with 'Ava.' They were then sent to an Instagram profile containing trailers for this movie. This did contribute to the movie's success. This campaign worked as it appeared to be a logical extension of the character of Ava in the movie. Even the audience was mainly young men who love tech.

BuzzFeed Tasty was launched on Facebook in 2016. It was mainly cooking shows. These videos lasted for less than 2 minutes and delivered trendy recipes. Within 15 months, Tasty published nearly 2,000 recipe videos and hence there was a stream of new content consistently for the viewer. They were reaching 500 million users every month leading to 100 million fans on Facebook. This campaign worked as it focused on good and tasty foods that are loved by all. More importantly, they had customized content for that platform. These videos were optimized for the autoplay feature on Facebook leading to 50 million views.

The Worldwide Breast Cancer campaign was launched on Facebook in 2017. This was an innovative campaign that was promoting awareness of various signs of breast cancer besides lumps. Lemons were used to depict these twelve different symptoms. These images reached 7.3 million people after just three posts on Facebook. The campaign worked as there was a delicate balance between fun and serious while dealing with an important issue. People do not talk openly about this thing, but they are willing to know more. This campaign acted like a facilitator for that discussion.

General Electric launched a campaign on Vine and Tumblr in 2013. Here they revined the science experiments that were done at home. The aim was to encourage engagement and generate an interest in science. In return, it helped to build the position of GE as a place for innovation. This campaign on Vine led to over 100 million Loops. It worked as it was content generated by the user. The posts were just six seconds or lesser. It was a kind of guided creativity.

The reason why these campaigns succeeded is that they were customized for their audience as well as their social media platform. There is no force or push here. In return, the companies are getting a lot more followers!